Rosemary and Honey Cleansing Milk


Gently cleanses face and neck.

To be used in the morning and in the evening.



Honey from our valley: with well-known softening, emollient and moisturizing properties. A source of nutrients: mineral salts and sugars above all, with an emollient and restorative action. Rich in polyphenols and flavonoids with antioxidant action and enzymes, with elasticizing properties. It is an ingredient used in anti-aging, trophic and firming products.

Rosemary water: with toning and invigorating properties. Rich in Vitamins (B6, C, riboflavin, niacin) and minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc). From a cosmetic point of view it is rich in flavonoids and has a purifying action. It also has the ability to inhibit the action of free radicals and is supportive in contrasting wrinkles and dry skin, especially when combined with precious oils such as argan oil.

Shea Butter: comes from the seeds of an African tree. Widely used by indigenous peoples since ancient times, it is also called the “tree of health and youth”. It moisturizes, nourishes, protects, is emollient and elasticizing. Leaves the skin smooth and velvety, toned and elastic. It improves the microcirculation and gives brightness. Perfect anti-aging.

Olio di argan: si ottiene dai semi dell’argania spinosa originaria del Marocco .Ottenuto per spremitura a freddo dei semi, dona alla pelle nutrimento ed idratazione naturale. Ricco in vitamina E e vitamina A ed olii essenziali naturali quali fitosteroli e omega 6. E’ considerato un antirughe naturale poiché contrasta la formazione dei radicali liberi. La pelle resta fresca e giovane nel tempo. Ottimo emolliente naturale.

Aloe vera: powder obtained by drying the innermost part of the leaves of Aloe barbadensis. Thanks to the richness in mucopolysaccharides, which have a great ability to retain water, it boasts remarkable moisturizing properties; moreover, these polysaccharides give the skin greater compactness, promoting cellular restoration. It is also known for its soothing and refreshing properties that help relieve redness and irritation.

Beeswax: a substance produced by the glands of worker bees and has emollient, emulsifying and antibacterial properties. The lipids present in beeswax make it useful in the formulation of products for dry skin, since they allow to retain water loss from the skin and protect it. The products formulated with beeswax, in fact, form a natural barrier that protects the skin from external agents and preserves its hydration.

Sweet Almond Oil: Rich in proteins and fatty acids similar to those of human sebum, it is a nourishing and skin softener. It can be defined as an eudermic oil (similar to the skin), it nourishes without weighing it down, rich in vitamins E with antioxidant action. Provides amino acids necessary for collagen formation, prevents dehydration.

Glycerin: is an organic compound found in lipids, phospholipids and glycolipids. It is naturally present in the body and derives from the metabolism of fatty acids. It is one of the substances most used to moisturize and protect the skin: in fact, thanks to its hygroscopic properties, glycerin is able to retain the water already present between the skin layers. It also has a pleasant touch and, thanks to its film-forming ability, makes the product uniform on the skin. Its emollient, refreshing and decongestant properties are very useful in counteracting the cracks typical of the winter seasons, giving relief even in case of redness associated with itching and irritation.

Hyaluronic acid: is one of the main components of connective tissues and has an important structural role in the skin along with collagen and elastin. Thanks to its high affinity with water, sodium hyaluronate is used as a skin moisturizer and for its barrier effect.

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