AIAB, the Italian Association for Organic Agriculture (Associazione Italiana per l’Agricoltura Biologica), has developed its own specification to give all interested partners access to the certification of their products, with the aim of being able to display on the label the wording of compliance “Bio Eco Cosmesi” and the appropriate brand provided to guarantee the quality of the product itself.

Quality Guarantee

AIAB, through its own specification, pursues the following objectives:

a) to allow, also in the field of body care, the use of products with low environmental impact and the ability to express the maximum possible protection for consumer health. In addition, to meet their expectations through a correct, transparent and complete definition of “Bio Eco Cosmesi”;

b) to define the minimum requirements for “Bio Eco Cosmesi” products to be branded;

c) to  ensure:

– the absence of non-environmentally friendly raw materials in products and packaging;
– the absence of non-plant based, allergen-resistant, irritating or harmful raw materials;
– the reduction of the environmental impact of unnecessary (single packaging) or non-recyclable packaging (promoting packaging from renewable materials, recyclable materials or linked to an empty- return system);

d) to promote:

– the use of raw materials from organic farming or certified spontaneous harvesting;
– consumption of organic cosmetics, allowing the consumer the easy and immediate recognition of certified cosmetics

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