Body Milk, Face Cream and Soap Kit


Kit composto da Latte corpo, Crema viso e Sapone



Body Milk

Light, refreshing formula. With plant-based emulsifiers.

Accanto a Miele e Rosmarino, il Latte corpo è composto ed arricchito da ingredienti preziosi


Face Cream

A rich, silky formula. With plant-based emulsifiers

The formula is composed of only natural, plant-based and organic ingredients, without preservatives such as parabens, thiazolines, phenoxyethanol, without ethoxylate emulsifiers, without chemical dyes and raw materials such as mineral oils, paraffins and silicones.

Accanto a Miele e Rosmarino, la crema viso è composta ed arricchita da ingredienti preziosi



Plant-based products created from pure natural essential vegetable oils and certified for its organic origin.

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